Spore: Episode One - Interminable Verdancy

Spore: Episode One - Interminable Verdancy

Hey there Gnome Schoolers! I am jumping into the blog to introduce you to a new project I’ve started that is ostensibly separate from, but ultimately related to, Gnome School

If Gnome School is my side hustle than Spore is the side hustle to my side hustle, which is almost enough hustling for a manic like me.

The inspiration for this podcast comes from the poetry of Alfonso D’Aquino, in particular the poem entitled ‘Spores’ in his work, 'fungus skull eye wing,' as translated from the Spanish by Forrest Gander. 

In Spores, D’Aquino offers us sixty terms, cast evenly across the page. The terms are rich, fertile, in of themselves. When I read the poem I imagined each term being ejected from its mother fungus and lit out upon the wind to seek a habitat that would allow it to build its own net and eventually fruit — reaching for the sky briefly, releasing its own set of fertile terms, and then disintegrating back into the earth.

While Gnome School is 90% Chaos Magic and 10% Ecological Warrior Poet, Spore reverses those ratios and focuses more on the practice and poetry of mushroom cultivation for those that are not as magically-adjacent as all of us. This is also original content that is not in the Myconomicon project, although there will inevitably be overlaps.

The difference between these two intended audiences is the principle reason that the projects are on separate sites.

If this is of interest of you, hop on over to Spore’s patreon feed and check it out:

Spore, A Podcast

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Thank you all so much for visiting Gnome School, I hope this nested side hustle also brings you joy!

- Drew