Lovecraftian Magic

books. coffee. magic.

Gnome School is a place for magic practitioners and the magically adjacent. It is also a place where the occult or that part of our world that exists in the shadows is explored and connected to our everyday experience in the 21st century.



The Gnome School Blog is the primary vehicle for our work in the virtual and in the real. We are dedicated to weekly posts, serials, music, photography and art that are designed to keep you in a magico-theoretical headspace and inform your daily practice as a modern witch or magician.


Without irony, the Gnome School Vision is to help the practice of magic and the magically adjacent to become a normative part of the reality of an interplanetary human species. By focusing on books, coffee, and magic, we hope to bring higher resolution to the edges between the nodes of the material and spirit world.




Gnome School is Drew W. and Ghostly Harmless, two metaphysical collaborators that have been creating new textual, metatextual, computational, artistic, musical, and photographic reality spheres together for the past thirty years. Gnome School is also indebted to our listed cohort and enablers, without which the inspiration for this site's content would not be possible.