Lovecraftian Magic

Gnome School Store

The Gnome School Store is currently offering two custom designs from Diabolique. These high quality 100% cotton t-shirts feature two of our favorite demons from the Dictionnaire Infernal. Summon and bind those Solomonic spirits in style with these exciting fashions!

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Hell's Chief Executor

Show those spirits whose boss by sporting this tee featuring the maleficent visage of Alastor, Hell's chief executor of decrees. Have a blood feud you'd like to settle? Or maybe one you'd like to instigate? Paying tribute to Alastor is a great place to start!

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Gnostic Badass

The Demiurge got you down? Don't despair, throw on this fine piece of fashion and tell the world that you know who the supreme deity of this damaged earth is. Whether your a member of a 2nd century Basidilian sect or just like this demon's winning smile, this offering from Diabolique is the right choice!


More Coming Soon

There are more exciting choices coming soon to the Gnome School store. Check back periodically as we peel back the veil on new metaphysical fashion and occult accessories!